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Craft Inspector is the world's first Etsy shop & product desktop software with 4 powerful built-in tools for easily uncovering hidden profitable products, shops, niches, and traffic sources from the massively popular crafting network!

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We always keep all our software products fully up-to-date and Craft Inspector will always be an evergreen product you can confidently promote for years to come.

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Powerful 4-in-1 Etsy Research Software for Uncovering Top Performing Shops & Products in Just Minutes!
Built-in keyword generator that extracts real-time autosuggest long-tail keywords
Get 27 data points extracted for any product found on Etsy with the Product search tool
Narrow down search results by category, shop location, ship to country, price range
Include advertisements in your search results to spy on your competition. If you notice particular advertisement listings are occurring a lot, this can strongly indicate the product is selling very well
Search by keyword for products you are specifically interested in
Search by category - instantly search products from over 1,100 categories on Etsy
Built in product link extractor. Simply paste in any content containing Etsy product links and the built-in tool will extract all etsy product links for you. 
Built-in shop search tool. Search all shops on Etsy for any give keyword getting 12 data points for each shop
Instantly find top performing shops in any niche in just seconds!
Built in shop link extractor. Simply paste in any content containing Etsy shop links and the built-in tool will extract all etsy shop links for you. or if you have another method of getting etsy shop links, simply paste them in and let craft inspector deliver 12 data points for every Esty shop!
Get more creative inspiration by instantly see all the external resource links for every shop
Instantly see which shops allow you to see their recent product sales with a click of the mouse
Extract all the product data for any give etsy shop in just minutes
Instantly uncover top performing shop sections using the product grouping feature
Tags analyzer tool - analyze the percentage of tags used in sections or any set of selected products
Product title analyzer tool - quickly identify profitable phrases by analyzing keyword combinations in product titles
Improve Etsy SEO by instantly seeing if product listings contain duplicate tags, and identify which tags are duplicate
Get higher Etsy rankings by using all your available tags. Let Craft Inspector show you which listings are not using enough tags
Multithread technology - download up to 15 etsy product or shops at the same time
View product images directly inside the data grid
View products or shops in table preview mode or feed mode
Column quick filters and custom filters option
New software design layout with collapsible left menu bar

Email Swipes

New software angle


1) NEW Craft Inspector is AWESOME!
2) NEW - Want to know the TOP selling products on Etsy?
3) NEW - eCommerce Product Research software for Etsy


Just Released - The World's FIRST ecommerce product & shop
research software for Etsy

Finding the best niche markets and product ideas can be
very challenging, especially with the increasing
competition in the marketplace.

But, not anymore!

With the newly released Craft Inspector software, it's now 
easier than ever to uncover those "golden nugget" products 
you desperately need in your stores!

Watch the demo video here ( INSERT LINK HERE )

This new software is absolutely PACKED with amazing features ...

✔️ keyword generator from the Etsy autosuggest engine

✔️ keyword search volume data

✔️ Etsy product analyzer that extract 27 columns of data! (YES TWENTY-SEVEN)

✔️ Get the total shop sales for EVERY product & shop

✔️ View product images inside the data grid

✔️ Get access to 1,104 built-in Etsy categories (Uncover the TOP performing Etsy categories)

✔️ Spy on Etsy advertisements

✔️ Search Etsy shops getting 12 columns of data for EVERY shop!

✔️ Uncover Shop traffic sources

✔️ Powerful Shop Analyzer allows you to research ALL products and sections for ANY shop

✔️ Powerful grouping feature uncovers top selling shop sections

✔️ Tag Analyzer allows you to uncover the top profitable tag keywords

✔️ Product Title Analyzer uncovers the BEST keywords for your product titles and descriptions

✔️ .. the list goes on and on!

In fact, there are 6 powerful tools built into this
amazing desktop software.

It's like have 6 software in one!

1) Keyword Generator
2) Product Search Tool
3) Shop Search Tool
4) Shop Analyzer Tool
5) Tag Analyzer Tool
6) Product Title Analyzer Tool

Also, there is no other software available online that provides
this type of data extraction all in one easy-to-navigate software!

During the product launch, they will also be allowing people to use
the software to create research reports you can sell to clients
and keep 100% of the income!

Plus, a bunch of cool bonuses ..

You don't want to miss out on the early-bird access, so I recommend
getting access to this amazing software ASAP ..

You have to check out all the details here ( INSERT LINK HERE )

Also, they are currently running a launch discount,
so if you want to grab a copy at the lowest price,
right now is the time.

Thanks for reading and talk soon,


How to angle


1) How to find best selling products on Etsy...
2) TIP - Want to see how to find the top selling Etsy products?
3) Need better selling Etsy products? You have to see this!
4) Need better selling Etsy products? Then see this AWESOME trick!


One awesome and very effective trick for finding potential
top sellers for your eCommerce store is to uncover products
that are not saturated in the market, but are still selling
very well.

One method is to head over to Etsy.com and search in
one of the categories looking for products that have sold
several hundred orders within the last few weeks.

In addition, try to stay away from products that have sold
thousands several months ago, but are not selling anymore.

The trick is to navigate several pages into the category
results, or search results.

Unfortunately, this can take a lot of time and you usually
get overwhelmed quickly and simply give up the search.

Another awesome method is to use a powerful Etsy product & shop
research software that does all the hard work for you in just minutes.

In fact, there is NO other software on the planet that offers
this type of data analysis for the Etsy marketplace ...

See it here ( INSERT LINK HERE )

With this new software you can easily uncover those hidden
top selling products & shops you can quickly research.

Here is how:

Step 1: Using the product search tool inside Craft Inspector,
select one of the 1,100+ categories related to your niche
(or you can enter any search keyword related to your niche)

Step 2: In the page range, select pages 4 to 10

Step 3: Click the "Go" button

And in less than a few minutes you will get hundreds of the
top selling non-saturated products in that category!

It's absolute fascinating how well it works and how many
products you can find right in the "sweet spot"

Next, you can use custom filters to narrow down your search
to the exact products you need.

For example, here are some suggested filters that work well:

- over 4.5 product rating

- over 500 hearts (this is a STRONG indicator of how well its selling!)

- over 100 product reviews

- over 20+ people currently have the product in their shopping basket (this data is PRICELESS!)

and some additional filters to laser-target your results:

- over 5,000 shop sales

- is a best seller

- over 10,000 shop reviews

- overall search rank of less than 100

Not only that, you can use the product title analyzer to 
uncover the top title keywords getting the most results.

Next, you can even perform deep analysis for any given
shop selling those hot products ..

.. like uncovering the top performing shop sections using
the powerful "Grouping" feature in the shop analyzer tool.

You can't even get that data from Etsy without knowing
some coding ninja tricks!

Currently the product owner is running a launch discount,
so if you want to get access at the lowest price, then
now is the perfect time to grab your copy!

To see this amazing software in action, watch the demo video
on the following page .. you won't regret it:


To your success,


Offering Etsy research as a service angle


1) Want to sell Etsy product research reports?
2) HOT TIP - How to make money selling research reports using this software
3) Need extra income? You have to see this idea!
4) Another way to use Craft Inspector - Sell reports?


A new powerful software called, "Craft Inspector" was just released 
and it's absolutely PACKED with some incredible features.

BUT .. there is another way to earn revenue using this new software.

If you grab the commercial license version of the software,
you are permitted to generate research reports and deliver
those reports to your clients as a service and keep 100%
of the income!

NOTE: During their product launch, the commercial license 
is already included as a BONUS!

You can create data reports for keyword searches, or for
an entire Etsy category!

Not only that, you can provide keyword data reports, Shop data
reports, and shop deep analysis reports.

You can even create your very own business offering research
reports for Etsy products & shops as a service and sell your 
services on sites like Fiverr!

It even get's better!

You can even create tag analyzer & product title analyzer reports
for your clients.

There is no other software that provides these type of powerful
data reports that you can sell for 100% of the income!

You can easily sell your services for $100-$500 per report package!

eCommerce/Etsy store owners are always desperately trying to find
the best top selling products for their stores .. and they will
pay high prices to get the data they need..

.. because, they would rather spend their valuable time on their
marketing campaigns instead of being haunted with product research!

So, you can easily provide the research service to the ecom/Etsy store
owners and earn income very easily.

Grab your copy of the new Craft Inspector software through the 
following link (and watch the demo video to see how easy it is to use):


But make sure to grab your copy ASAP .. because they are currently
running a launch discount and it will expire very soon.

To your success,


Etsy angle


1) Want More Etsy Sales? Then use this NEW software?
2) Do you sell in Etsy? Check out this AWESOME new software...
3) WOW ... you need to use this software for your Etsy shop!
4) Improve your eCom sales using this new software...


Do you have an Etsy shop or plans to get to into eCommerce?

If you do, then you need to check out this awesome new software
that basically uncovers the non-saturated top-selling products
you need to research for your own stores ..

See a demo here ( INSERT LINK HERE )

The software is called, "Craft Inspector", and it's absolutely 
PACKED with amazing features.

The software finds these hidden golden nuggets from the famous
crafting marketplace, Etsy.

In the software you can search Etsy by keyword, or you can
even search for top performing shops by keyword.

Not only that, in the category search tool, you can simply select
one of 1,100+ built-in categories, and instantly see ALL the top
selling products & shops in that category!

Check it out here ( INSERT LINK HERE )

One big mistake Etsy sellers make is trying to sell the products
that have thousands and thousands of sales.

In most cases, these products are already over-saturated in the
market and you won't do that well with them.

So, the trick is to uncover the non-saturated products.

Using the Craft Inspector software, you can instantly see how many
sales each shop currently has, but more importantly ..

.. you can see how many people have the given product in their
shopping basket ... in REAL-TIME!

That data is simply PRICELESS!

In addition, you can see how many "hearts" each product has
received which gives a very good indication of how well those
items are selling. (because hearts usually come from buyers and
not from non-buyers)

Try to avoid products with thousands of sales that occurred 
months ago and are no longer selling, and look for products
with 50-600 sales in the past week.

Then you'll start uncovering the hidden golden nuggets that
could produce winning campaigns!

The software has a LOT of amazing features which are too many
to list here.

Check out the details here and watch the demo video 


You will also notice they are currently running a launch
discount where you can grab your copy at the lowest price.

Take action today and start uncovering hidden profitable 
products and shops on Etsy for your own product research needs!

Thanks and talk soon,


Shortcut Angle


1) Finally! A real shortcut for your business...
2) Check out this shortcut
3) Wow, a real shortcut you can use right now
4) Need a shortcut to improving your ecom stores?



I've seen a lot of so-called "shortcuts", but most of them a really a waste of time.

Finally, I've come across a legitimate shortcut that you really must see:


Imagine having the ability to magically uncover non-saturated top-selling
Etsy products in just minutes.

Normally, it takes a lot of research, work, and even some luck to have a
successful ecom product.

But here's a big shortcut:


I recommend jumping on this right now, because the discount offer will expire soon.

Those who grab it will have a huge advantage!

To your success,


Urgency angle

NOTE - adjust the time accordingly!


1) 48 Hour Notice
2) Only 2 more days to grab this!
3) Final Notice
4) Final Notification
6) Just 2 days left!
7) Don't miss this {!firstname_fix}! (48 Hour Warning)
8) Last chance to grab this shortcut!
9) This expires in 48 hours!
10) Ending tomorrow!
11) this is the end



This incredible software discount is almost over: 


This kind of thing doesn't happen very often. It would be
a shame to miss out on it by one day! 

I highly recommend checking it out and grabbing it before
it expires. Once it's over, it's over.


This is a must-have for ANYONE who has an Etsy/ecommerce
store or plans to start one this year.

..or if you want to run your own business selling Etsy product/shop
data reports and keep 100% of the income (they even show you how)!

To your success,


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